Tessa Barry is a visual artist that was born in Guilford, Connecticut. She has graduated from Endicott College, Cum Laude, with a degree in Studio Art concentrating in Art Education Licensure (K-12) and with the Endicott College 2019 Fine Arts Award. At Endicott Tessa immediately pursued a career in their performing arts program. She works as a Scenic Designer and Scenic Painter for the main productions, as well as a technical director for several student-run productions at the Endicott College theater group Spotlight.  All while working her way through school as a Resident Assistant, Gallery Assistant, and waitress. 

     Through her experience as an educator and artist, Tessa has nurtured a passion for reaching young artists and students alike through building a curriculum that is student-centered. She has also found a passion for cultivating creativity and problem-solving in young minds through theater and other collaborative artistic projects.